Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thank you card and envelope

Now that the birthday's over, it's time to send out thank you cards.  This is what we came up with but because they're small we had to make the envelopes as well.

The base card is soft yellow cut to make a card measuring 11 x 7.5cms. The heart is a Unity stamp with some wire and beads tied around it.  The sentiment is Unity as well as the post box stamp on the envelope - I'm loving Unity at the moment and am waiting for the next Kit of the Month to arrive any day now :)

These next two cards were made by Lydia's friends ~ aren't they beautiful!
I think it's amazing they both used MME bloom & grow papers - they didn't know what each other was using.....

From Joanna
From Jessica

And finally...some photos from Lydia's birthday.  She hates any fuss and didn't want a party so we arranged a surprise meal at her favourite restaurant.  As an extra surprise Richard's parents met us there, the children don't see them as often as they'd like for they live too far away.

She was pretty embarrassed here, (sorry Lydia!) they played 'Happy Birthday' music through the speakers as they brought the cake, and all the other diners sang too. (he he)

Caleb was having a whale of a time taking pictures (most had to be deleted!!) he managed to get everyone in this photo but missed half of Granda Jim's face.

A family photo - it's rare for us to have one of these.

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Lydia's 13th Birthday Cards

I can't quite believe that Lydia is a teenager today! 

I was last minute as usual making her cards, I finished the one from Caleb and Phoebe in the early hours of this morning..... Inspired by my cousin Vicky's Blog, I blew the dust off my sewing machine and got a bit carried away sewing everything!  I made a matching bag for Lydia's present and sewed it too.  I do love the way the card turned out and I think I'll be using stitching on a few more projects.

It's funny how times have changed, for my 13th birthday I got my sewing machine :) but in those days we did 'Needlework' at school.  I think it's sad that those skills are not taught now......I'm beginning to feel ancient!! lol.

Close up of pleating

The card from Caleb and Phoebe - image is a Unity stamp which I paper pieced.

I also made this little bag to hold her present

This is what she asked for - lots of sparkle!

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Sarah x

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Golden Wedding Anniversary card

Richard's parents asked me to make a 50th anniversary card for a close relative a good while ago, but I can only show it now as the special anniversary is today.  Congratulations Joyce and Joe and may you have many more anniversaries to come!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cards from the past...

I haven't had much time to craft lately and the card I have made I can't show until after next week in case the recipient should see it! 

Caleb has been off school for 3 weeks with a chest infection (thought it was viral for the first 2 weeks and then was finally diagnosed in the 3rd week and he was given antibiotics which cleared it up). So with Phoebe and him at home I was spending my time keeping them apart (Phoebe torments her brother terribly just to get his attention).  Now that they're both back to school/nursery I should be doing more crafting but with walking/pushing a buggy to and from school this week, 3 times a day I'm knackered!! Roll on half term on Monday and Tuesday for I've a lot to catch up on....

I was looking through old photos and came across some cards I'd made quite  a while ago and I thought I'd post them.....

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