Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teacher Gift and handmade bag

There's a lot of photos....

Covered chocolate bar

Covered Notebook

Close up of raised leaves on the card

Altered Bag

Scrunched Flower

Caleb's teacher has been off school for a couple of months and we didn't think she would be back before the end of term but he came home from school on Friday and said she would be there on Monday!

I didn't have a gift for her (and because Caleb likes her so much) I had to rustle this up very quickly at the weekend. I didn't have time to make a bag but I had some plain brown paper bags and altered one with matching papers. The back of the bag is the same as the front without the flower.

I used the same paper and die cuts that are listed in yesterday's post :)

Take care and thanks for stopping by today!
Sarah x

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Vicky Hayes said...

I should imagine she'll be delighted to receive such a beautiful set of gifts!