Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New fabric for a baby quilt

Loving this fabric!

Some of you may know that I started learning patchwork quilting last September and made a lap quilt (which I will share soon).  I love sewing as much as I love papercrafting so I'm trying to divide my time between both.  I was fortunate enough to get a fabulous sewing machine for my (40th) birthday in November and it's a pleasure to sew with :)

Mum asked me to make a baby quilt (such confidence in me not to mess it up... lol) and this is the material she chose, it's by Michael Miller and is so lovely in real life.  I have just finished the quilt tonight and will photograph it tomorrow to share on my blog. I like it so much I don't want to give it away!

Hope you are all well. Sarah x


Jenny said...

This is a fabulous sneaky peak Sarah, can't wait to see the whole quilt :) Sewing is not my forte but this is the sort of material and project I would be drawn too if it was!!
Jenny x

Joy said...

Love the colours and patterns on these pieces. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. That's the problem tho, when you work with lovely materials it's SO hard to part with the end result!

Vicky Hayes said...

I love the fabrics Sarah and understand exactly why your mum has every faith in you! Can't wait to see the finished article - is it for anyone I know?!!! Vicky x

Little Snippets said...

Maybe you didn't know Vicky - Tim and Kate are expecting again! A little girl this time :) x