Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fabric Tote Bag (handmade)

This is the fabric tote bag I made at a class on Saturday.
Unfortunately I couldn't even begin to tell you how I made it.....I was so tired after a stressful week last week and I was a bit of a zombie that day....... :o

Apart from that, I do love the bag and because it matches the baby quilt I made here, Mum has snapped it up and it's on it's way to Australia as a changing bag for my new niece who is expected in a few weeks! (Let's hope she doesn't turn out to be a nephew!)

I do hope the class tutor sends me instructions to make another one as it's lovely and roomy and I'd love to make another just for myself.
I stuffed it with bubble wrap to help it stand up for the photo, it wouldn't behave on it's own....
Why is it that handles always seem to have a mind of their own?
I never know what way to put them!

There are two pockets on the front and two large pockets on the back.

 Another photo of the front with the handles 'flopped to the side'....

I would love to have been brave enough to stitch it with pink or green thread but I just wasn't confident I could sew a straight line and even a little wobble would stick out like a sore thumb!

The inside of the bag is quilted while the outside is plain.
There are two contrasting pockets on the inside, one of which is stitched down the middle to make a pocket for a mobile phone.

I'm scheduling this post for this morning as Richard is away to London with work and I've packed lunches to make (I'm spoiled in that he usually does it....)
Lydia has offered to make her own.....maybe she's afraid of what I'll put in hers.....I'm definitely not the cook in our house......I can bake though......when I have to!

My confidence was rocked yesterday when Phoebe said , 'I wish you were away to London'.........
before adding.........'So I can be the mummy of the house!'
I think Caleb rubs it in just a little too much that he's the 'man of the house' when daddy is

I hope you have a lovely day
and thank you for visiting!
Sarah xx


Unknown said...

Beautiful inside and out Sarah Well doen Hugs Elaine .
I cannot sew but I love your work

Margaret said...

This is stunning Sarah - sewing and me just don't go!!
Margaret x

Vicky Hayes said...

This is stunning and it will make a brilliant changing bag Sarah! I wish I could have stayed to have a go at one (although it was a lucky escape for the lady who was running the class!) I'm sure Phoebe would do a great job of running the house! Take care, Vicky x

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness this is totally adorable, you clever girl !
Perfect for a changing bag especially that it matches the quilt too :0)
Oops children have a way of deflating your confidence sometimes only to be replaced by smiles and laughter when you realise there thought process was going in a completely different direction!
Jenny x

Mo said...

Wow Sarah..., your bag is gorgeous !!!
Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This is gorgeous Sarah.

Lynne in NI said...

WOW, what a gorgeous tote! I couldn't sew a straight line to save my life LOL!

Marina said...

Wow- great bag .Love the colour and the combination of patterns.

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