Monday, 31 August 2009

Back to school tomorrow :)

Nothing new to show you yet, as it's the last day of the school holidays today we took the two younger children to an indoor adventure playground (Lydia is now too 'grown up' to go and didn't fancy running around after Phoebe) so she went shopping with her Nan.

I went to sew the labels on their school uniforms tonight thinking all I had to do was put my hand on them but I can't find them!!! I've put them in a 'safe' place, just can't remember where it is!!! so I've had to use a permanent marker in the meantime 'til I find them. I shouldn't leave these things to the last minute anyway.....

I'm going to go now and try and make a card for my wee niece who will be 8 next week. No idea yet what I'm going to do..... will post it tomorrow if I get it done :)

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