Monday, 24 August 2009

Quick post tonight...

I've been feeling pretty unwell since Friday and today is the first I've been out of bed for any length of time so nothing craft wise to show you.

Poor mum, it was her birthday on Saturday and I didn't even have a card for her, but Lydia made one. So HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MUM!! and thanks for all you do :)

I hope I'll be able to work on something tomorrow, I've some birthdays coming up and it's Phoebe's 3rd birthday in a few weeks too so really do have to make her a card this year... She says she wants a purple cake and a purple present??? must be watching too much Barney....

She was up to badness today again...she had a little 6"x4"colouring in picture and 'found' my good paintbrush (so she says), took Lydia's rose & almond oil vaseline in a small tin (which was the paint) and proceeded to paint the picture with it.. only... her 'table' was her bed which has a white duvet cover with small embroidered flowers over it...... you can imagine what red vaseline is like painted all over it! She did cover the picture pretty good though~ fortunately it has all washed out of the duvet cover at a high temperature and a good dose of Vanish powder!!

Anyways, better head back to bed my head is pounding :(

The Evidence!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were unwell. Hope you get better soon. Love, Richard.