Monday, 20 July 2009

This is what happens.....

.....when you leave a 2 year old at your craft table for two minutes to get peas from the freezer for dinner!! I did warn her not to touch anything, but did she listen?

and the culprit!!
Phoebe is always wanting to 'craft' which I'm more than happy with (usually!) but today really took the biscuit :( She has a high stool at my table which she perches herself on 'to help me' and is normally well behaved and does what she is told - until today!
Richard came home a bit earlier from work and was making the dinner (lucky me;) so I took the chance to make a start on a project I'm thinking of doing for class next month. He asked me to bring in some peas for dinner, so I told Phoebe "now don't touch anything 'til I come back!" The lure of the stamp pad was obviously too much for her, for when I came back she was busy stamping to her hearts content on the chipboard I had cut (she had done both sides!) and my sanding block. I yelled "Phoebe!" and she jumped out of her skin and started crying (poor thing) so she got short shift back into the house to her dad. It could have been worse....fortunately she hadn't inked anything else on the table and not even a smidgen on her hands either. I've learned my lesson and won't leave her for even a second again :)

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